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DT Mobisoft is a Malaysian company with headquarter in Petaling Jaya. DT Mobisoft Provides software & hardware solutions for SMEs segment in Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2018, Alibaba appointed DT Mobisoft as the local strategic partner to integrate, market & deploy DingTalk Products & Customized cloud-based business solution across Malaysia. We believe this all-in-one mobile workplace platform is all you need!


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Solving your company pain point in 4 weeks!

Are you still processing your company operation manually, by using spreadsheets, sending files via emails or whatsapps?

Do you still have staffs doing attendance manual work?

Would you like to gather business data in company system, analyze the next move and cutting off 90% of your manual works?

Let us help you save >50% of your HR processing time.

90% reduction errors in operation workflow.

100% Automation workflow.

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Strategic Advise on Digital Transformation

Learn how to digitally transform your company processes with DingTalk.

HR Processes

Integrate all the claims, incentives, attendance records from DingTalk into integrated Payroll System


Get your employees onboard with the Digital Transformation journey so they do not get left behind.


Let us share with you and learn how you could streamline your business processes that might have been redundant.

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DT Mobisoft has helped ten of thousands of companies to get onboard with DingTalk and digitalize the workflow of company operation. How quick do we have companies to get onboard with digitalization journey? Give us 30 days to get your company and staffs to onboard with this journey in full force!

We are strong believer in handholding methods to get companies and every employee onboard with this journey. We do require the clients to get involve this commitment closely to streamline your operation. Saving time mean more time for you to expand your business!
Get onboard with us and we will spend lots of hours to conduct interviews and understanding your needs. We will then setup, design, provide training to the admin and employees simultaneously!
Absolutely! DingTalk is one of the first Chinese apps to have obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. Data are encrypted at SSL/TLS security standards
No, you do not need to spend any extra money to upgrade your equipment or hardware to get onboard. This only requires your Smart Phone that has accessibility to Wifi or Mobile Data.
The system would only require an email address and mobile phone number to register!
YES! You may use this application in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and even Japanese!
YES! You can open this application anywhere in the world and still get work done!
It only requires 300+MB capacity of your mobile phone capacity.
YES, All the data, including messages, pictures, links and documents are stored in the cloud server and you can access it anytime.
No, you do not have to worry about it! You can access to your account via any devices and you can get all your data again!