The Smart HR Management System

Is time to say goodbye to your spreadsheets and manage your staffs with our smart HR management system

Common HR Challenges

Manual Tracking

Lacking of support tools to perform attendance tracking and calculation are always lead to time consuming, prone to error, and delay approval

Manual Capturing of Attendance

Attendance is not just the punch- in and punch-out time. Reasons of illness, family-related issues, and weather changes will always time consume in recording and summarizing the data

Isolated Info

Human error always be the hassle to HR when compiling all the report from different system that capture different info

The Innovator of Digital Management Service

DT Mobisoft the strategic partner of DingTalk by Alibaba

No More Manual

Management Attendance Dashboard

Say goodbye to spreadsheet and manage your team with our smart payroll system – Team up

Seamless HR management

Automation Workflow

All your e-approvals will send directly to the immediate superiors and get approved instantly. How about the amount? Worry-not, the amount will now appear in your payroll seamlessly, and save up your hassle from doing double work!


Why DingTalk M1M

Access mobile attendance via our network-based biometrics machine and mobile clock in, you can now stay updated and view staff’s attendance in the most convenient ways.

What customers are saying

More than 500 companies use Team Up to manage their HR

“Fantastic automation flow from attendance to payout! More time to develop rewards and recognition for employees ”

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Murni Discovery
HR Manager
“Hoorayy..TU Dashboard is amazing !! ”

Kara Marketing
“TU solve our complicated attendance reporting structure. User friendly and clear presentation of the dashboard review all the employees attendance in real time!”

Go Noodle House
HR Director

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